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You have an employee that isn’t working out for your company. You have had conversations with the other managers, and you all agree it is time to let them go. But, the employee falls within a class of people protected by federal and state employment laws. You want to make sure you are making the right decision.
At the same time, you are deciding to hire an employee in a new state. You aren’t sure if all your current policies will apply to the new employee and if there will be new obligations. How about sick leave, meal and break periods, jury duty leave, etc.? Now you have another HR-related issue you need help with.
Finding the answers on your own will take time; time you don’t really have. Calling an attorney or HR consultant who charges by the hour will get expensive.
There is an alternative. Register for our Monthly HR Support service and you will know exactly how much the help you need will cost that month – $150. Plus, with us doing the research for you, you will be free to spend your time completing other tasks on your to-do list. Just contact us by phone or email, and we do the rest.

Examples of What's Included

  • Standalone policy drafting, reviews, and updates (does not include employee handbooks or policy and procedure manuals)
  • Single-issue research projects
  • Answers to legal compliance questions
  • Answers to termination and discipline decisions
  • Advice on how to improve employee productivity and morale
  • Advice on how to handle toxic employee relationships

A Few Things that Aren't Included

  • Employment agreement drafting and review – This includes reviewing any contractually binding agreement between your company and an employee. Examples of these types of agreements are non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, severance agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.
  • Employee handbook drafting and review
  • Audits – This includes any audits we conduct of employee records. Examples of these types of audits are I-9 audits, W-2 audits, personnel files, payroll record audits, OSHA-compliance audits, FCRA audits, e-verify audits, etc.

  • Investigations – This includes any investigations conducted by our team related to employee disciple. Examples of these types of investigations are sexual harassment investigations, discrimination investigations, workplace bullying investigations, etc.
  • Training – This includes any in-person training provided by our consultants. Examples of in-person training are sexual harassment training, union avoidance training, harassment and discrimination training, workplace bullying training, etc.

Our Clients Say

“Working with The Lunt Group has been a wonderful and easy process. Timely responses to all questions and completing the project. I would recommend their services to fellow colleagues!”
“I am very pleased with the employee handbook I received from The Lunt Group LLC. They worked with me to understand my business to ensure I have a handbook that meets the needs of my business.”

“We had a wonderful experience working with The Lunt Group on our employee handbook. They provided excellent customer service and took the time to make sure the handbook met our needs. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending their employee handbook service to other small businesses.”


Drew is a phenomenal and reliable consultant. He is very timely and informative with his responses and most important . . . lends a great ear or shoulder for when you just need to vent about the sort of frustrating issues HR professionals occasionally have to resolve. If there is a subject he's unfamiliar with, he goes out of his way to learn the intricacies of it, to better provide you with the sage advice you need. I consider Drew an asset and a professional comrade in arms I know I can rely upon, and with that said, have no hesitancy in recommending him without reservation.


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