Are employee problems costing you too much time, money, and peace of mind?
Our experts will build you an employee handbook tailored to your business that will give you the relief you need.
  • Are employees ignoring your unwritten policies?
  • Do you need help developing policies that will make your employees more productive and save supervisors time?
  • Are you unsure whether your policies are legally compliant?
  • Are you afraid you don’t have policies in place that are legally required?
We know that you’re working hard and you’re short on time, so you need a effective solution that works quickly.
Although we’ve seen hundreds of businesses struggle with employee issues and legal claims during our 13 years in this field, we’ve also seen the rapid improvement when businesses finally implement properly drafted employee handbooks tailored to their unique needs.

How an employee handbook helps

An employee handbook that is tailored to your unique business needs can help you run your business more smoothly, with less effort and less stress. It can also single-handedly lower your employment-related costs, and lower the risk of lawsuits. Here’s how:
Better documentation = fewer distractions and problems
A good employee handbook addresses all the common workforce issues that modern business face — see the list below — and it sets expectations among employees and managers. Better communication and consistency = fewer problems.
Improve productivity and save money
A good employee handbook sets fair and consistent standards, which reduces employee frustration, performance issues, and the spread of poor morale. Because of this, productivity improves and employee turnover goes down, which means greater profits for your business.
Avoid (and win) lawsuites
When you have an employee handbook with legally compliant policies, you can act with greater confidence when disciplining employees and making other employment decisions. This helps reduce the likelihood that employees will file legal claims against you. If an employee takes you to court anyway, a legally-compliant handbook with policies that are implemented consistently will protect you and help you win, quickly and decisively.

What our clients say

“Working with The Lunt Group has been a wonderful and easy process. Timely responses to all questions and completing the project. Would recommend their services to fellow colleagues!”
Chelsea Hooton
Fischer Properties, LLC
Sacramento, California
Seattle, Washington
“I am very pleased with the employee handbook I received from The Lunt Group LLC. They worked with me to understand my business to ensure I have a handbook that meets the needs of my business.”
Tom Stoddard
Venture Pest Control
Cumming, Georgia
“We had a wonderful experience working with on our employee handbook. They provided excellent customer service and took the time to make sure the handbook met our needs. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending their employee handbook service to other small businesses.”
Sky Blaylock
NP Consulting LLC
Sandy, Utah

What you can expect from us

When you choose to work with us to develop your employee handbook, you receive:
  • An expert-written employee handbook that is tailored to the specific needs of your business
  • A handbook that is compliant with federal, state, and local laws
  • Expert support every step of the way
  • Our guaranty that you will be 100% satisfied with both the employee handbook you receive and the service we provide

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